Fire and Takaful

Fire Takaful is property insurance covering damage and losses caused by fire. The purchase of fire takaful in addition to homeowner's or property insurance


    This takaful will indemnify against loss or damage due to Fire and/or lightning of Residential /Commercial properties and their contents. However, the contract would also be extended by charging additional premium to cover allied perils/risks as per requirements of the insured.

  • The optional perils/risks are as under:-

    1. • Loss or damage caused by Riot & Strikes.
    2. • Loss or damage caused by Malicious Act.
    3. • Loss or damage due to Atmospheric Disturbances, like flood, hurricane, tornado, rain etc.
    4. • Loss or damage caused by explosion.
    5. • Loss or damage due to fall of Aircraft and/or their parts.
    6. • Loss or damage by Impact Damages.
    7. • Loss due to Burglarye
    8. • Loss or damage due to earthquake.

  • For Further...

    The above mentioned risks/perils are basic information. For further details regarding terms, conditions, limitations and/or exclusions you may contact our representative or visit our website.

A fire takaful is a contract between a policyholder and the insurance company in which the insurer agrees to compensate the insured in case of loss or damage happens to a particular property due to fire.