Misc Takaful

  • What is Misc Takaful?

    In miscellaneous category of takaful following protections are available for the benefit of insureds:

    Electronic Equipment (EE) Takaful

    This form of takaful indemnifies losses due to theft or robbery for cash in safe and/or on counter. The protection is extremely useful for companies, Banks, financial institutions and department stores/shops under the prevailing law and order situation in the country..

    Money in Transit

    Money in Transit policy provides cover for loss of cash, Bank notes, cheques, postal orders and takaful/postal stamps while in transit to specified destinations such as to and from Banks etc

    Neon Sign Takaful

    This type of takaful is designed to protect the employer from forgery, embezzlement, and larceny, fraud or dishonesty of employees. This cover is basically an agreement between the insured (Employer) and the insurer to protect the employer from losses incurred through an individual or collective embezzlement.

    Fidelity Guarantee

    Neon Signs installed in public places are always exposed to risk. This cover provides financial compensation to the respective clients for accidental losses including damages during Riots and Strikes, arson etc.

  • Plate Glass Takaful

    Plate glasses are very common used in departmental Stores, Shops and Show Rooms as part of decoration. Due to potential risk hazard this policy is designed to compensate the insured in case of losses or damages incurred to plate glass doors, windows, panels etc.

    Personal Accident

    An accident is an unforeseen event. This takaful covers death, permanent disability, and temporary total/partial disablement due to accident/mishap. This cover also compensates the insured for medical expenses for injuries resulting from an accident. The cover is available for individual and group as required by insured.

    Workmen’s Compensation (WC)

    This type of Takaful protects rights of low income workmen of an organization in the event of bodily injury or death due to accident while on duty. Employers are bound to seek this takaful for legal liabilities as per Workmen’s Compensation/Act of the government.