Motor Takaful

Motor Takaful registered under motor vehicle act and move on the roads has to be protected under motor vehicles Takaful.
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  • Motor Takaful

    All types of Motor vehicles would be covered against loss or damage caused by theft/snatching, fire and/or accidental damages etc. In addition, Motor policies also cover loss or damage of third party liability risks.

  • Details of Indemnification:

    1. • Accident external means
    2. • Fire external explosion, self-ignition, or lightning or frost.
    3. • Burglary, House Breaking or theft.
    4. • Malicious Act.
    5. • Riot Strike.
    6. • Flood, Hail, Wind, Hurricane, Cyclone, Tornado or Typhoon, Earthquake.
    7. • Whilst in transit by Air, Road/Rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator.
    8. • Motor Vehicles Act and common law as applicable.

Motor Takaful offers comprehensive coverage for private and commercial vehicles, customized according to the Participant’s requirements. Motor Takaful offers protection from losses incurred due to traffic accidents and legal liabilities that might arise due to accidents.